Welcome and thank you for visiting our Consultant & Service Provider Directory*. This resource is intended to educate and empower our members regarding available expertise and/or capacity support that may enhance your organization’s work.

While we do surface-level vetting for anybody listed here by checking several references, inclusion in the Consultant & Service Provider Directory in no way suggests or implies that CNE endorses an individual, organization, or their work. Partnering with a listed consultant or service provider should be at your own discretion and CNE assumes no liability for such engagement.

We strongly encourage you to exercise due diligence by (1) vetting a minimum of three providers, (2) conducting your own reference checks, and (3) having full conversations with potential providers. This will allow you to determine the best fit (e.g. values, cost, potential impact, etc.) for your organization and scope of work.

    • *CNE generally categorizes individuals and organizations in the following way:


  • Service providers are those who support organizations by providing a service which could, in larger organizations, be a paid staff role (e.g. marketing support, grant-writing, IT, etc.)
  • Consultants are those who support organizations by bringing an outside, larger perspective to the work that an organization is considering (e.g. branding, strategic planning, financial planning, coaching, etc.)
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Amy Nisenson Consulting