The Philanthropy Champions program aims to celebrate, spotlight, and advance diverse forms of philanthropy.

We are delighted to introduce you to the second group of CNE Philanthropy Champions!

By recognizing champions in our midst, who give generously in a multitude of ways to make our communities better, we seek to:

  • Expand narrow definitions and understandings of philanthropy and celebrate the multitude of ways in which communities give (including Time, Treasure, Ties, Talent, and Testimony).
  • Highlight the immense giving, agency, and creativity of philanthropic champions within our communities especially from underrepresented and marginalized communities.
  • Help support and grow the nominated Philanthropy Champions’ work through recognition, publicity, and by making community connections.

2024 Philanthropy Champions



Jessica Carter

Empowers women and girls through sports.

Veronica Espinosa Lainez

Supports the Spanish-speaking community through volunteerism at the Sin Barreras Plaza Comunitaria Program.

Sabrina Feggans

Volunteers, mentors, coaches, hosts events, and donates to organizations in this community.

Zakia Haque

Contributes to the Muslim Community in Charlottesville through her interfaith work and broader community engagement.

Nicole Hawker

Promotes physical and emotional health by providing accessible options for under-resourced individuals, and a safe place for all to exercise.

Khalilah Jones

Shows outstanding leadership, community engagement, and creative programming for youth and families and profiles black excellence.

Kristy Jones

Known for her community engagement, care, and support of unhoused people and children.

Tristan Kabesa

Works to provide meals and support for unhoused people and provide free and accessible summer camps for children.

Maryann Long

Makes efforts to grow Cville Village and support aging at home.

Kari Anderson Miller

Passionately supports and assists newcomer families as they rebuild their lives with dignity in Charlottesville.

Nadirah Muhammad

Supports local businesses through community engagement and passion.

Juan Rodriguez-Sanchez

Supports the Spanish-speaking community through volunteerism at the Sin Barreras Plaza Comunitaria Program.

Evie Safran

Provides sustenance and nurturing through her extensive volunteering within the community.

Filadelfia Soto

Advocates for children’s education and inclusion.

Cville Sock Love

Supports hospitalized children, unsheltered and under-resourced families, individuals, and many organizations in Central Virginia through their sock drives.

Cville Tulips

Works to support Afghan women and children.

Families Helping Families (FHF) – Solutions Team

Dedicates generous hours of volunteer time and supports Albemarle County Public Schools families in need.

You can find more information on our 2023 Philanthropy Champions webpage. If you have any questions you can reach out to CNE at

Special thanks

United Way of Greater Charlottesville for their continued support of CNE’s Philanthropy Champions program.