Do you have an idea to improve the community? Are you looking for help starting a nonprofit or business to support the community? There are many organizations in Charlottesville/Albemarle who support community-driven ideas.


Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
Services include free meeting spaces, tech training and support, and willingness to host
public workshops


UVA LAW Community Solutions Clinic
Services include resources and coaching for evaluating a community-driven idea


Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
Services include support for community-driven ideas and funding opportunities


Community Investment Collaborative
Services includes starting small businesses, business training, and counseling


Center for Nonprofit Excellence
Services include nonprofit start up guide and connections to other resources and support for nonprofits


UVA LAW Nonprofit Law Clinic 
Services includes “legal health check” and project-based support


Virginia Organizing
Services include joint plans of work (fiscal sponsorship)

Additional Resources & Referrals


CPAs and Bookkeepers

Fiscal Sponsors


Questions? Suggestions?
Contact CNE Senior Manager of Learning and Impact, Brian T. Ullman.