CNE’s agile, nonprofit-centered approach has given us the opportunity to partner strategically with funders and civic institutions to develop targeted, responsive, and high-quality capacity building programs and services that enhance the ability of nonprofits to manage change and deepen impact. While laser-focused on strengthening nonprofits in the greater Charlottesville region, we’ve also been invited to expand our nonprofit support to new locations. Each partnership brings an enhanced level of investment to the regional nonprofit sector, and wider connections that encourage learning, sharing, and growth among nonprofits regardless of geography. See below to learn more about our regional partners and ways we are working together.

CNE has served as a resource center for nonprofits of all sizes and stages of development in Central Virginia for over a decade. Just as each nonprofit is unique, so is each community and partnership. We believe in partnerships that are region-specific, co-created, responsive, and adaptive. In tandem with a commitment to leading and evidence-based practices in nonprofit management, we tailor our programs, services, and approach to each partner and to the needs of each nonprofit community. This can look, for example, like:

When nonprofits are stronger and more resilient, they have a greater impact and create more thriving communities. Are you interested in bringing CNE to your community? Are you a nonprofit in one of our partner communities? Contact us.