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The Virginia Nonprofit Sector Report: 2023 Snapshot is based on a comprehensive study of the sector and provides baseline data and a snapshot of the nonprofit sector, with both statewide and regional information. From health and human services organizations to nonprofits stewarding the arts and the environment, the report showcases the priorities and needs of a broad range of nonprofits that build community in every geographic region across Virginia.

The report, and the story it tells, contain essential insights and learnings about our social impact sector for anyone who wants to better understand the sector, and to take action to build sector capacity. At CNE, we envision equitable, thriving, and just communities powered by healthy nonprofits, and know that understanding sector strengths and needs is an important step to achieving this vision. We hope you will use this data to inform how you engage with, invest in, and support the nonprofits that build your community.

In this report, you can expect to find:

  • An overview of the sector itself, including economic impact and employment data.
  • Aggregated information about the nonprofit sector and key takeaways with an eye toward understanding equity within the landscape. The research team worked to ensure the inclusion of a diverse range of nonprofit entities and groups.
  • A source of actionable principles for nonprofits, funders, and government officials. The recommendations are meant to be deliberate and ongoing, to push forward imaginative ideas, and to create better community solutions together as a sector. Additionally, while the actionable recommendations are geared towards nonprofits, funders, and state and federal governments, we encourage engagement and dialogue with local governments around the capacity building needs of the sector using the findings of this report and CNE’s 7 Actionable Principles.
  • Direct quotations from sector leaders, highlighting on-the-ground insights from across the Commonwealth.


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Special thanks to the Obici Healthcare Foundation and PATH Foundation for their support of this study.