Knowing when and how to source the right kind of external support, to fill coalition gaps or to amplify the work, can be critical to maintaining coalition momentum. External support may come in the form of new research, tools and tips, case studies and lessons learned from other coalitions or expert consultants.

 Several questions addressed in this section include:

  • Where can I find valuable resources to help me move forward
  • What local coalitions exist today that could serve as potential models, partners or learning labs for our coalition’s work?
  • What are common lessons learned about how to minimize or avoid inevitable bumps in the road? The Centers for Nonprofit Excellence and Partnerships for Strategic Impact™ partnered with the Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition (CMHWC) to build a consultative experience around the needs of the coalition. This work was the launch pad for this Roadmap, and we share all our collective lessons learned here!
  • When is the appropriate time to bring in the expertise of a consultant? What are the benefits and costs of working with a consultant? What is the best way to prepare for a consultant? How do you best form relationships with consultants and how do you then transition back to internal capacity?

Side Trips

  • Key Virtual Resources

    Key Virtual Resources are sites that were used to curate the documents, articles, tools and templates that were used throughout the Roadmap. We recommend these resources for a deep dive into collaboration, collective impact and coalitions. Selected resources from these sites are used throughout the Roadmap. At the end of the Key Resources section, you can find topic-specific resources used by local coalitions.  Read More

  • Local Coalitions in Action

    There are many local coalitions that have done the coalition-building work that can serve as a reference point. This section lists the multi-sector, multi-stakeholder local coalitions engaged in ongoing community change efforts. Coalitions are developing, evolving and disbanding all the time and they define themselves differently at different stages of their development. This list includes coalitions identified as of July 2017.  Read More

  • Lessons Learned Highlights

    This section summarizes key lessons learned by coalition leaders about how to develop and maintain a healthy coalition during the two-year life of the Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition strategy, evaluation, leadership, governance and coordination consulting project.   Read More

  • Working With Consultants

    At times, your coalition may need specific expertise that does not exist within coalition partners. It may be necessary to have an outside facilitator to help drive the coalition action plan forward, whether self-identified or at the suggestion of a funder, if you lack capacity or if you get stuck. For example, you may find that your coalition needs support for strategic planning, group facilitation, evaluation, communications, fundraising, structuring governance or just to help you assess the situation and ask the right questions. In addition to providing specific expertise, consultants can also offer an objective perspective that may add value when working with diverse partner organizations and stakeholders.   Read More

Access the PDF:

For more information, tools or resources on collaboration, to find out more about our collaboration trainings or to schedule a collaboration consult for your coalition, please contact CNE’s Senior Manager | Learning & Impact, Brian Ullman.