Position with CNE: Trainer

Monfalcone & Garris Accounting
CNE Programs: Finance Academy

Before forming Monfalcone, & Garris, Christina worked briefly at several non-profit and for-profit groups outside of Charlottesville and began her career in public accounting at the firm of Joseph J. Saunders, III, CPA, Inc in 1999.

She has extensive experience with income tax preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, and estates and trusts. Christina also has experience in assisting non-profits in obtaining IRS approval and receiving their exempt status. Aside from taxes, Christina also works with clients to prepare required financial statements and offers alternatives such as agreed upon procedures and internal control reviews.

Christina grew up in Dickenson County, Virginia. She started her college career at Virginia Tech in chemical engineering. Her husband ended up with the engineering degree (electrical/computer), while she decided accounting was more fun. While not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children, trying new recipes and baking.