This job is no longer active.

OrganizationPiedmont CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Inc.
TypeFull Time
Application DeadlineFebruary 22, 2021
College Degree Required?Yes
Salary Range$47,000-$52,000
Phone(434) 971-7515


All Piedmont CASA Volunteers are trained to promote appropriate interventions, which are generally relationship-based, and focus on healing and supporting the child-parent relationship. Staff and Volunteers are able to assist the court and child welfare system in ensuring safety, appropriate placement, and the services necessary to ensure physical health, mental health, and educational stability. CASA Volunteers remain unique in their ability to stay with children throughout the life of a case. Even when social workers, foster parents, and schools change, CASA Volunteers do not – thus providing important continuity for the child. Children and youth with Piedmont CASA Volunteers have a better opportunity to break the cycle of abuse and neglect, and become stable, productive adults.

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  The CASA Supervisor is primarily responsible for providing professional support to CASA volunteers, ensuring that children assigned to the CASA program receive appropriate advocacy services.  The CASA Supervisor is also responsible for coordinating cases and for aspects of volunteer recruitment, screening and training.




Job Duties



  1. Actively participate in recruitment and screening of potential CASA volunteer candidates
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the CASA program and disseminate program information, application procedures and applications to potential CASA volunteer candidates;
  • Conduct CASA program information sessions;
  • Review applications, including references and all required record checks;
  • With another member of the professional staff conduct pre-training personal interviews to assess level of skills and acceptability of potential CASA candidates;
  • Participate in staff evaluation of volunteer candidates for purposes of trainee selection;
  • Evaluate and monitor volunteer recruitment with the leadership team;
  • Create and maintain up-to-date personnel files for each inducted Volunteer;
  • Enter all relevant data into CASA Manager
  1. In partnership with other team members coordinate and deliver pre-service CASA training in accordance with Piedmont CASA’s approved curriculum
  • Schedule class sessions, guest speakers and disseminate training schedule to class participants;
  • Produce required handouts, incorporate and test technology;
  • Assist in obtaining facility, supplies and refreshments;
  • Facilitate training classes;
  • Observe and evaluate applicants’ class attendance and participation to assess acceptability as CASA volunteers;
  • Evaluate and monitor training program;
  • Enter all relevant data into CASA Manager;
  • Assist in preparation for Induction and attend event; and
  • Research, implement and deliver enhanced training

3.In partnership with other team members, respond to referrals from J&DR Court.

  • Attend initial hearings;
  • Enter all relevant data into CASA Manager;
  • Follow the case until it is assigned to a Volunteer or denied by the program.

 4.Provide supervision and support to volunteers for the duration of each case

  • Screen all cases using case priority assessment;
  • Assign cases to appropriate volunteer according to the needs of the case and special skills or knowledge of the volunteer;
  • Set up and maintain up-to-date Volunteer and office case files in appropriate format;
  • Adhere to Piedmont CASA’s case management protocol;
  • Assist volunteers to develop and implement case plans;
  • Be an active resource for assigned volunteers. Provide individual supervision on an “as needed” basis with a minimum of one supervisory contact every month;
  • Attend court hearings, home visits, treatment team meetings and family partnership meetings, and other case related meetings as needed;
  • Ensure adequate case coverage in the absence of the volunteer or during process of case assignment;
  • Maintain schedule of all court dates, and edit, review, file and deliver court reports in a timely manner;
  • Enter all relevant data into CASA Manager;
  • Provide collegial support to fellow supervisors as needed;

Evaluate volunteers

  • Conduct annual evaluation for each assigned volunteer at the end of the fiscal year.


  1. Perform duties as assigned by the President & CEO including, but not limited to:
  • Serve as CASA’s designated liaison to Family Treatment Court, providing guidance to Volunteers serving FTC cases and timely updates to CASA Supervisors, while maintaining and updating all FTC-related files.
  • Serve as CASA’s designated liaison to City and County Multidisciplinary Teams, providing MDT case status reports to CASA Supervisors.
  • Prepare articles for the grants and publications as requested
  • Serve as a liaison to community agencies and spokesperson for Piedmont CASA as needed
  • Screen children for eligibility for Virginia Crime Victim’s Compensation
  • Assist in financial record-keeping duties in accordance with Financial Procedures
  • Participate in program staff meetings
  • Participate in program and staff evaluation
  • Plan and coordinate volunteer support, recognition functions.
  • In partnership with other team members, plan and coordinate advanced training
  • Arrange monthly in-service training opportunities for CASA volunteers

–        Schedule outside speakers or utilize community presentations for at least 6 in-service training classes each year

–        Schedule at least 6 annual in-service training opportunities designed to provide case staffing/sharing/support between CASA volunteers

–        Facilitate in-service classes

  • Enter all relevant data into CASA Manager Database
  1. Pursue professional development opportunities
  • Maintain knowledge of current significant theory, literature and resources
  • Synthesize and transmit current knowledge to volunteers
  • Attend current training as time and funding permits, with a goal of 20 hours per year
  • Participate in CASA Network and DCJS training and meetings when relevant to volunteer training and management

The CASA Supervisor position is one held by more than one individual, and duties and responsibilities will be allocated between CASA Supervisors as determined by the Program Director and President & CEO.  Nevertheless, each CASA Supervisor must possess the skill and ability to accomplish the tasks defined in the CASA Supervisor job description.


Piedmont CASA prohibits harassment and/or discrimination of any applicant or employee on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other basis made illegal by the laws of the United States or of the State of Virginia.


Skills Required

QUALIFICATIONS:  The CASA Supervisor should have a minimum of the following skills and experience:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in human service-related field or equivalent combination of education and experience demonstrating the required knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out the responsibilities of the CASA Supervisor;
  2. The ability to communicate with, supervise and empower CASA volunteers to be effective in their roles–experience with volunteers is preferred;
  3. The ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities and individuals of diverse racial/economic/cultural backgrounds;
  4. Knowledge and understanding of issues and dynamics within families relating to child abuse and neglect; knowledge of child development;
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills that include well developed public speaking and presentation skills;
  6. Highly organized, self-motivated, team player;
  7. The ability to coordinate and implement training;
  8. Basic knowledge of computers and word processing; and
  9. Commitment to Piedmont CASA’s mission and program goals.

Additional Info

To apply email cover letter, resume,  and writing sample to Randy Nolt