This job is no longer active.

TypeFull Time
Application DeadlineApril 23, 2021
College Degree Required?Yes
Salary Range$56,165 - $91,678 (commensurate with experience)
Phone4349724011 ext 3175


Albemarle County’s Department of Social Services is seeking a Full-Time Foster Care Supervisor to join our team.

We aim to recruit a new team member from a diverse pool of candidates and encourage all to apply.

Job Duties

General work tasks include but not limited to:

Performs difficult, equitable, and complex professional work in an inclusive team environment.
Supervises professional social work staff engaged in child welfare and related case work.
Facilitates and supports staff in the delivery of competency-based services.
Provides direct oversight of service programs.
Responsible for program advocacy on agency, community, and state levels.
Actively participates in organizational development, management, and leadership of the agency that is a high performance, team-based organization.
Articulates, supports, and applies the high-performance practices (continual quality and service improvements, participatory involvement, teamwork, data collection, and analysis) of the department.
Influences others by example and by persuasion to commit to County, department, and unit goals.
Assigns cases to social workers, reviews and/or approves services plans, reports, findings, etc.
Provides case consultation and supervision.
Assures compliance with law and policy.
Makes periodic review of case records and assures effective follow up practices.
Reviews case closings.
Makes periodic review of data related to individual and unit performance, including caseload, outcomes, and other measures.
Maintains extensive contacts with numerous local social services agencies.
Provides pivotal role in community service coordination.
Attends meetings of local organizations as representative of the department in explaining programs, services, and regulations.
Conducts staff conferences to determine the appropriate service provision, reviewing difficult or problem cases.
Gathers pertinent data and evaluates criteria in making recommendations.
Advises social workers and monitors casework decisions relative to the legal implications of complex policy interpretation and decision making inherent in social work practice in order to decrease worker, agency, and/or county liability.
Monitors performance of service delivery and implements organizational changes necessary to achieve goals and objectives.
Evaluates programmatic needs and advocates for same.
Authorizes funding for services.
Provides oversight for purchase of services process.
Monitors service expenditures.
Consults with social workers after hours in emergencies and provides direct back up assistance as needed.
May be required to travel occasionally overnight in support of child placement or other emergency.
Keeps abreast of local resources.
identifies social problems and service needs.
Advocates for the development of needed community resources.
Serves on boards, task forces, and committees on behalf of the department on local and state levels.
Responds to inquiries regarding services offered.
Responds to concerns and complaints regarding program policies and practice.
Makes recommendations regarding regulations and implementation of service programs.
Participates in and/or conducts interagency and intra-agency meetings.
Evaluates performance of supervises.
Recommends personnel actions such as redeployment, advancement, discipline, etc.
Assesses staff development needs of supervisees and provides training.
Interviews applicants for employment and recommends hiring.
May assume responsibility for shelter management as part of County Emergency Operations plan.
Performs other duties as may be assigned or as needed.

Skills Required

Must meet minimum educational requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services field; or minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field with a minimum of two years of appropriate and related experience in a Human Services area.
Requires considerable experience in assigned program area/human services programs.
Supervisory experience or work experience in a leadership role desired.
Thorough knowledge of the philosophies, objectives, practices, and techniques of social work and counseling.
Thorough knowledge of current social, economic, and health problems.
Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of effective supervision.
Thorough knowledge of the techniques and means of interviewing, counseling, and investigating.
Thorough knowledge of the principles and techniques of child welfare, family services, public assistance, or protective service work.
Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, and regulations relating to various child welfare service programs.
Thorough knowledge of the funding sources for child welfare services, including the Comprehensive Services Act.
Thorough knowledge of the programs, laws, and procedures of public assistance programs of the area of assignment.
Thorough knowledge of the legal/judicial process relative to area of assignment.
Thorough knowledge of community resources for social services.
Ability to plan, organize, assign and supervise the work of a staff of Social Workers and to train and instruct subordinates.
Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, orally, and in writing.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with clients, officials, employees, and various parties to cases.
Ability to work effectively with others in teams.
Ability to analyze situations to make sound judgments within the framework of existing laws, policies, and regulations.
Skill in operating personal computer and associated software, including knowledge of the Online Automated Services and Information System (OASIS).

Work Schedule

Office is open Monday – Friday 8:00-5:00

Child Welfare work often happens at night and over the weekend.

Must be willing to be available after hours.

May assume responsibility for shelter management as part of County Emergency Operations plan.

Additional Info


Masters Degree in Social Work or related human service field preferred.
Clinical licensure in the field of social work or a related human service field preferred.
Previous work experience providing direct services to children, adults, and/or families in a local department of social services setting preferred.