This job is no longer active.

TypeFull Time
Application DeadlineMarch 22, 2023
College Degree Required?Yes
Salary RangeStarting at $100K


Position Summary – The City of Promise Executive Director is responsible for the oversight, coordination and expansion of the initiative to transform the educational and developmental outcomes of children in the City of Charlottesville, particularly those in our most distressed neighborhoods, closing gaps in achievement and creating a college-going culture for all youth. Primarily and most frequently the work done is performed as leader or director with broad functional areas and more expertise and strategic focus.

• Participate in professional development and supervision to seek guidance, expand knowledge, and develop use of best practices.
• Maintain passion and commitment to the agency’s work and participants.
• Do your part to ensure the health and well-being of the entire organization.
• Respect and protect agency-owned property and assets and use agency resources for business-appropriate purposes.
• Perform other duties, not listed here, deemed necessary for the well-being of the agency.

Job Duties

Technical Competencies

● Works with the Board of Directors, neighborhood residents, and community partners to deliver a continuum of solutions that address the challenges and gaps identified through regularly completed needs assessments and segmentation analysis.
● Identifies strategies for building upon and leveraging high-quality academic programs and family and community supports.
● Builds community support for and involvement in the implementation of identified strategies, both among partners and within the neighborhoods;
● Establishes outcomes for children that are communicated and analyzed on an ongoing basis by leaders and members of the community.
● Maintains commitments from partners to work long-term to implement identified strategies, helps ensure continued programmatic success, and develops a strategy to hold partners accountable for meeting performance goals and milestones. Meets regularly with partner leaders to strengthen relationships and shared vision.
● Plans and coordinates the implementation and evaluation of programs. Oversees community engagement and ongoing implementation of the program, coordinating the efforts of schools, parents, youth, other residents and community partners in delivering the continuum of services, with plans for widening implementation to other city neighborhoods in subsequent years.
● Secures resources for the City of Promise initiative, supervises the preparation of grant applications, cultivates major donors and philanthropic partners. Oversees efforts to build community support and secure the financial sustainability of the plan through a comprehensive development plan.
● Creates a budget for approval by the Board of Directors. Monitors all revenues and expenditures, supervises tracking of grant requirements and provides regular financial reporting.
● Works with the City School’s Data Analyst and other partners to maintain a comprehensive, longitudinal data management system, while abiding by federal, state, and other privacy laws and requirements.
● Participates in national Promise Neighborhoods Communities of Practice, including travel to collaboration and/or training events when appropriate.
● Oversees the implementation of a formal strategy to promote robust community engagement in the initiative and meaningful resident participation in planning and activities.
● Provides supervision and day-to-day oversight of City of Promise staff and volunteers.
● Complete performance evaluations for all City of Promise staff.
● Performs related tasks as required.

Skills Required

Position Qualifications –

• Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in human services or related field; Master’s degree preferred
• At least five years of program supervision/managerial experience required; Must have prior experience in the delivery and supervision of community-based services/programs; human services experience and/or program director experience preferred
• Prior fundraising and donor cultivation experience preferred.


• Actively promote vital connections between children, caregivers, staff, and our community partners.
• Resolve issues with the person(s) most directly involved by sharing your thoughts and feelings directly and respectfully, remembering that others have thoughts and feelings, too.
• Recognize each person’s uniqueness and strengths. Treat people in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual, cultural and ethnic differences.
• Be respectful in verbal and written communication to and about participants and colleagues.
• Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with participants, colleagues and donors.
• Protect privacy and confidentiality of participants, colleagues and donors.

• Fully embrace our mission and vision, actively contribute to meeting them, and serve as an ambassador to engage the community in our efforts by providing clear and accurate information regarding the agency’s function and current programs.
• Participate in the decision-making process as opportunities are available to inform agency and program decisions.
• Participate in scheduled agency and other team meetings.

• Recognize that one way does not work for everyone and stay flexible in our approach and thinking. Maintain flexibility in order to change when things change.
• Present solutions along with problems with the goal of getting to yes. Stay open to new ideas and offer suggestions for new ways of doing things.
• Be proactive; give and receive input and seek solutions that balance the needs of the individual, program, agency, and community.

• Maintain the highest integrity in all aspects of agency and program operations and duties.
• Utilize evidence-based and best practice models and strategies to provide the best opportunity for success.
• Set appropriate priorities and make progress toward performance-based goals established for self, program, and agency.
• Be accountable for individual and program results and give and receive feedback to improve individual, program, and agency performance.
• Seek and utilize all available sources of data on an ongoing basis to inform decision-making in completion of all job duties.
• Reflect on individual, program and agency results for continuous learning and quality improvement.