This job is no longer active.

TypeFull Time
Application DeadlineFebruary 29, 2020
College Degree Required?Yes
Salary Range40,036-42


The first three years last a life time. Full time position with the Infant and Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge, serving Charlottesville and the surrounding counties. Join a fast paced baby’s team and coordinate special education supports and services to infants and toddlers (birth to 3). Position requires thorough knowledge of infant/child development; effective working relationships with parents, schools, therapists & other professionals. Organizational skills, attention to detail & timelines a must. Willingness to travel, meet in homes & other community settings. Bachelor’s degree in early childhood, psychology, social work, nursing, special education or related field required. Master’s in early childhood, social work and/or Spanish language proficiency a plus.

Job Duties

Assist parents of infants & toddlers in obtaining access to needed early intervention services and other services listed on the Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP). 2. *Participate in eligibility determination, assessments and the development of the IFSP. 3. *Ensure compliance with all Part C timelines such as, but not limited to: evaluations/assessments and development of the IFSP within 45-calendar days and initiation of services within 30-calendar days. 4. *Effectively share assessment results with parents and other professionals & individuals. 5. *Assist in assessment and planning for children who receive service coordination only. 6. *Coordinate, facilitate, and monitor the delivery of services required in the IFSP to ensure that the services are provided in a timely manner and meet all compliance indicators and regulations. 7. *Facilitate team assessment process to include tools such as SETT Framework to determine assistive technology needs. Coordinate with family, outside providers and vendors for assistive technology needs. 8. *Coordinate the provision of other family support services such as, but not limited to educational, social, health/medical, housing, respite, and/or parenting resources. 9. *Support parents/caregivers by emphasizing the strengths of the family and by identifying strategies to build their capacity for resiliency, which can influence mental health outcomes for both the child and caregiver and change the trajectory of the child and his or her family. 10. *Address a family’s capacity by understanding the family’s energy level for accomplishing everyday tasks and then supporting all caregivers to help a child adapt and cope with everyday life. Help parents/caregivers clarify feelings and reactions and identify which strategies have helped in the past. 11. *Build the family’s capacity to care for and enjoy their child by engaging the parents or other caregivers in a process of mutual reflection. Assist parents/caregivers to recognize the power and potential of activities and daily routines to enhance their child’s knowledge and skill development. 12. *Promote the child’s growth and development; and participation in family and community life by providing resources and assistance in making use of resources. 13. *Empower families to be advocates. Support parent/caregivers in being advocates for their child by helping parents/caregivers feel confident and comfortable in understanding and enjoying their child as well as planning for their child and family’s future. 14. *Facilitate the development of a transition plan to public or private preschool, Head Start or other appropriate referrals to benefit the child and family. 15. *Solve problems using knowledge, skills and general precedents and practices and in consultation with the Program Manager. 16. *Provide documentation that is timely, clear, measurable and accountable and meets all required federal, state and local requirements. 17. *Maintain required certifications and trainings for early intervention; develop and maintain an ongoing professional development plan in accordance with Part C regulations. 18. *Attend meetings and staff development as requested by supervisor. 19. *Regularly participate in staff meetings; and individual supervision with the Program Manager. 20. *Supervise and train students/interns as assigned, including required documentation. 21. *Keep work area neat, orderly and safe. 22. *Read and respond to all agency/program communication in a timely manner. 23. *Independently travel to homes & other settings in urban and rural areas. 24. *Perform other duties as assigned.

Skills Required

Services are dynamic and individualized to reflect the child’s and family members’ preferences, learning styles and cultural beliefs.  Writing of meaningful goals using activities and/or routines within the natural environment.  Coaching and supporting parents/caregivers to develop confidence and competence.  Supportive professional relationships with families, and families from diverse backgrounds.  Effective meeting/group facilitation and consensus building skills.  Communicate effectively, professionally and appropriately, orally and in writing.  Family/child advocacy; linking to and providing appropriate resources.  Effectively using computers and electronic devises for scheduling, communicating, documentation, organization, reporting; and data tools to track own work and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.  Effective organization and time management, management of multiple tasks and deadlines.

Work Schedule

As agreed upon with Supervisor