This job is no longer active.

OrganizationRoss McDermott
TypePart Time
Application DeadlineJanuary 31, 2016
College Degree Required?No


General Description

  • Produce Murals! This includes potential murals with schools, youth organizations, business owners, art organizations, artists and graphic designers
  • Create and manage branding for the CMP
  • Maintain the CMP website on WordPress with news about upcoming murals, updates on current projects, logos of murals sponsors, and images of other inspiring murals
  • Continue relationships with CMP sponsors by ensuring product discounts, updates, and proper exposure for sponsors on the website, in the press, and on signage. Current CMP sponsors include The Fund at CACF, Blue Ridge Building Supply, Benjamin Moore, Gropen, and Piedmont Paint and Finish, and The Bridge PAI.
  • Continue relationships with the City of Charlottesville’s Mayor, Neighborhood Development Services, the City Preservation Planner, and a wide variety of local Arts organizations
  • Write grants and seek ongoing funding
  • Provide consulting for parties producing their own murals. This can include technical advice, permitting advice, or suggestions of artists
  • Keep financial records of mural budgets, equipment costs, and payments to artist. Currently, this involves a fiscal partnership with The Bridge PAI
  • Maintain and update photo collection of potential walls for mural

Time Requirements
The Director position for the Charlottesville Mural Project is currently a part-time position, although some aspects of the job may require more than part-time hours during projects. The hours dedicated to the position vary from month to month. On average, there is less work from November-March as the weather is too cold to paint murals. However, these months can be used for fundraising and planning for the following season.

Depending on the number of murals that are produced from April-October, the hours are varied based on the kind of involvement the CMP has with each mural. Some murals might only be fiscally supported by the CMP; some might be produced by the CMP and an artist does all the work. More commonly, the CMP finances, produces, oversees, and paints the mural with the artist.

Some months may only require 20 hours a week, typically spent on emails, proposals, website updates, and securing funding. Some months may require up to 50-150 hours if there is a mural in production. Some murals have required 8-12 hour days for weeks at a time. This time could be spent working through several rounds of designs with an artist, securing permits, renting and transporting equipment, picking paints, painting, drafting press releases, updating the website, managing volunteers, and organizing a dedication ceremony.

The director’s stipend reflects the part-time, flexible schedule. The applicant should have another flexible job with a comfortable salary. The new director will be guaranteed a small stipend through 2016, but must continue relationships with the current sponsor, as well as apply for grants, produce fundraisers, or generate new ways of funding to ensure an ongoing stipend into 2017.

December 2015-Jan. 31st, 2016 / Call for applications
Feb. 1st, 2016-February 15th, 2016 / Applicantion reviews and in-person interviews
February 22, 2016 / Announcement of filled position
March 1-May 15th, 2016 / Interim+trial period shadowing current director, Ross McDermott, through The Graduate mural production (on the UVa Corner with poet Rita Dove and mural artist David Guinn)
May 15th, 2016 / Takeover as new director and beginning of stipend

Additional Contact Details

Applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and 5 examples of your favorite murals or public art projects (just a photo of each will do) to:

Ross McDermott
Director, Charlottesville Mural Project

Emails must be received by 11:59 pm, January 31st, 2016

Skills Required

  • Requires a flexible schedule
  • Good interpersonal skills for public relations, volunteer coordinating, and youth programs
  • Awareness of murals, public art, and art-education projects in the U.S. and beyond
  • Must have good budget management and creativity for stretching money to complete big projects. Community partnerships and in-kind recruitment are important aspect of the project
  • Curatorial skills for public art suitable for Charlottesville and Albemarle county
  • Writing skills for grant applications, press releases, and pitches
  • Understanding of WordPress or other website platform
  • Photography, Photoshop, and Illustrator knowledge for website, signage, promotional materials, and mural proposals
  • Basic understanding of mural painting techniques, including the use of equipment like
    scaffolding, ladders, and boom lifts
  • Potential ability to assist artists with actual painting
  • Ability to lift heavy equipment like ladders, scaffolding, paint buckets in the storage area and on the job site