This job is no longer active.

OrganizationJennifer O'Malley
TypeFull Time
Application DeadlineJuly 20, 2020
College Degree Required?Yes
Salary Range $40-50,000
Phone(434) 589-2370


As an Art Therapist at Lafayette School, you would provide mental health services on a non-verbal and verbal basis to students, facilitate the use of art as a medium of expression, develop appropriate treatment goals, and act as a member of our interdisciplinary team.

Job Duties


  • Develops individualized goals and objectives for each referred student, based upon information concerning the student’s emotional, perceptual, cognitive, physical, and social level of functioning gleaned from the art therapy assessment procedure and from the student’s case history.
  • Maintains up-to-date documentation of contact, including nature of intervention, and prepares monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports for IEPs.
  • Incorporates the student’s art therapy goals and objectives in the individualized education/treatment plan (IEP) and implements treatment plan by providing individual and or group services for the student.
  • Participates in daily staff meetings with interdisciplinary treatment team, collaborating with significant participants involved in case management.
  • Performs administrative tasks such as maintaining materials, equipment, requisitioning supplies and organizing art therapy room.
  • Participates in meetings and committees and demonstrates professional demeanor with colleagues

Skills Required

  • You commit to the team.  You should be fully invested in the team. You will be a great team player if you can show others that you believe in the group, the process, and the goals. This sort of positivity can radically increase morale and productivity.
  • You have a positive attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude even during stressful times helps the rest of your team work through that difficult time without getting upset. Your positive attitude will create a better atmosphere.
  • You hold yourself accountable. Take responsibility for your mistakes and look for solutions. Understand how your actions impact the entire group. In doing so, you will learn from your errors and command more respect from your team.
  • You welcome collaboration. Working with a team means there will be varying opinions and ideas. Even if you think your idea is best, you should listen to all ideas before pushing yours. Search for compromises, and remain respectful if your work is criticized.
  • You are flexible. You should readily accept any tasks your manager gives you. Flexibility in your role allows you to learn more and help your team. Look at every opportunity as a chance to learn.
  • You understand your role. As a team member, you understand your role within the team and work to achieve your duties to the best of your ability. Though you may offer help or solutions to other team members, you also respect the boundaries of your position.

Additional Info

About Us

Lafayette School is a 501C3 private, non-profit school, established in August 1999 in Charlottesville, VA . We serve children and adolescents with diagnosed emotional, behavioral and mental disorders in a therapeutic day school environment who have often struggled to maintain or succeed in their home schools. We are the only therapeutic day school in our area!

We provide educational and therapeutic services for students in grades K-12; therapeutic services including yoga, art therapy, and horseback riding, just to name a few. We partner with local school systems and community members in providing an alternative day-school setting that focuses not only on academics but on the overall emotional or behavioral issues often underlying academic failures. We serve Central Virginia students from the surrounding localities, including Albemarle, Augusta, Charlottesville (city), Fluvanna, Hanover, Green, and Louisa counties, with a capacity for 24 total students.

​Lafayette School is founded on the principle that many youth with mental, emotional, and behavioral disruptions can be effectively treated and educated in their home community with an intensive structured program that combines special education with therapeutic intervention. ​