Looking for a nonprofit consultant? CNE can help.


ConsultCorps is a group of experienced nonprofit consultants partnering with CNE to help you solve problems and grow your effectiveness. ConsultCorps affiliate members have joined with CNE staff to create a community of practice – working collaboratively with CNE and each other when needed to help guide your organizational transformation.

ConsultCorps in Action
When you come to CNE to find a consultant, we start by helping you evaluate your scope of work, identify how best to work with a consultant, and get you connected to the support you need when you need it. We’re also there for you after your consulting engagement to help you be as effective as possible in implementing key recommendations.


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ConsultCorps team member expertise


ConsultCorps team members have expertise in a wide range of practice areas. Areas of expertise include:

  • Board Development and Governance
  • Business Planning Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Collaboration
  • Data-driven Decision Making
  • Finance
  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Mergers and Strategic Partnerships
  • Organizational Development
  • Philanthropy
  • Retreat and Meeting Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation
  • Succession Planning and Executive Leadership Transition

Meet the ConsultCorp Experts


These are the experts that have partnered with CNE to grow our consulting network:

Cindy Colson, Deputy Director | Partnerships, Consulting, & Impact

Expertise: Board Governance, Business Planning, Philanthropy

Cindy has experience leading strategic initiatives, establishing financially viable organizations, creating high-functioning teams, and building strong collaborations. Read more…



J. Michael Foreman, ConsultCorps Member

Expertise: Leadership Development, Mergers and Strategic Partnerships, Retreat and Meeting Facilitation, Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Mike brings over 30 years experience in facilitation, strategic planning, leadership and team-building to both governmental and not for profit organizations. He has conducted hundreds of facilitation and planning events during his career. Read more… 


Cheryl Groce-Wright, ConsultCorps Member

Expertise: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conversations and Facilitation, Community Engagement and Empowerment

Cheryl Groce-Wright is Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Collaborative, a Richmond-based consulting firm serving as a proactive and effective champion for racial equity, community engagement, and inspired citizens. Read more…


Karen Gulliford, ConsultCorps Member

Expertise: HR/Organizational Strategy, Leadership Coaching, Conflict and Mediation

Karen Gulliford partners with organizations to improve leadership effectiveness, capacity, resilience and organizational results. After a 16-year career in human resources leadership and management training in the Connecticut and Washington, DC areas, Read more…


Delores Kimbrough, ConsultCorps Member

Expertise: Strategic Planning, Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Capabilities, and the Art of Facilitation

Delores Kimbrough is the founder and principal consultant for Kimbrough Consulting. Delores specializes in the art of facilitation, increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion organizational capability, strategic planning, and connecting people through inclusive dialogues. Read more…


Karen Klick, ConsultCorps Member

Expertise: Strategic and Business Planning, Organizational Development, Coaching

Karen Klick of Klick Consulting partners with clients to advance their missions, combining supportive frameworks and creative solutions with practical and grounded experience. Read more…



Rosemary Mahoney, ConsultCorps Founder

Expertise: Business Planning, Executive Director Mentoring, Strategy

Rosemary brings 30 years of experience both as a cooperative CEO and a nonprofit executive director to her work, which includes international cooperative development projects and cooperative and nonprofit projects in the United States. Read more…



Sarah Milston, ConsultCorps Founder

Expertise: Strategy, Culture Change and Change Management, Organizational Development

Over the last eight years as a consultant, Sarah has worked with over 100 associations, nonprofits and businesses to help at the intersection of creativity, strategy, and action. Read more…



Cristine Nardi, Strategic Advisor

Expertise: Board Development and Governance, Collaboration

After serving as CNE’s executive director for 15 years, Cristine is now a strategic advisor working on special projects for the organization. Read more…


Katherine Whitney

Katherine Whitney, ConsultCorps Founder

Expertise: Board Governance, Executive Search, Merger and Strategic Partnerships, Strategy

Katherine uses the strategic direction of an organization to support board development, mergers, and succession plan and executive director/CEO searches. Read more…


Susan Wilkes, ConsultCorps Founder

Expertise: Executive Leadership, Organizational Development, Strategy, Talent Management

Susan is an organizational psychologist with extensive experience in executive coaching, leadership and team dynamics, board governance, and strategic planning. Read more…


Bio-Trina Willard

Trina Willard, ConsultCorps Founder

Expertise: Data-driven Decision Making, Program Evaluation

Trina’s methods typically focus on the implementation and effectiveness of programs, policies, and procedures that help clients guide decisions with the power of information. Read more…


Please contact Cindy Colson at ccolson@thecne.org for more information.