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Welcome and thank you for visiting our Board Opportunities page! This resource is intended to help connect interested individuals with board service opportunities in the Central Virginia area, and to help CNE member organizations announce board member vacancies. CNE members can log in to your account to submit a vacancy from your member dashboard. Submitting a vacancy should be just one aspect of a comprehensive board recruitment strategy.

CNE encourages individuals to invest in the local nonprofit sector and make a difference in the community through one of the most important volunteer roles possible: serving on a nonprofit board. Serving on a board is a great way to support a cause you’re passionate about, but it’s also a powerful way to strengthen your own skills and expertise. Individuals who serve on a board have the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders, cultivate new skill sets, appreciate different perspectives and viewpoints, and expand their network of peers, professionals, and community thought leaders. Here’s just one study on the many benefits of nonprofit board service.

While CNE believes in the value of board service, we do not solicit, vet, or endorse particular organizations, and strongly encourage conducting your own due diligence and vetting process to evaluate board fit. Here are resources to help with the evaluation process:

If you’re interested in board service and have determined that it’s a good fit for you, please reach out to any organizations of interest directly–click on the organizational links below to learn more about the board opportunity and who to contact. And if serving on a board or committee isn’t the right fit at this time and you’d like to explore other volunteer opportunities, please visit ReimagineCVA or your local United Way.

As you begin and continue to explore the potential of board fit, please let us know if we can help. CNE provides a wide range of training topics, formats, and schedules to boards and board members to meet you where you are.