As a Board Fellow, you get to work closely with CNE’s Board and have a first-hand experience with an active Board. Board Fellows will participate in all board activities, and may advise on all issues before the board, but will be non-voting members of the board of directors. Board Fellows must be successful graduates from Board Academy.

Fellowship goals:

  1. To engage recent Board Academy graduates as non-voting CNE board members
  2. To give Academy fellows an immediate opportunity to apply their Academy knowledge and skills.
  3. To give the CNE board a fresh perspective on CNE and its board governance.
  4. To achieve Board Academy’s goal of widening the path to board service in our region.

Must Do to Embrace Your Fiduciary Duty

  • Understand CNE’s financial position, and promote the organization’s financial health.
  • Regularly review and understand CNE governance documents and policies.
  • Focus on what is in the best interest of CNE, independent of personal agenda, self-interest, or the influence of others.
  • Support the Executive Director in the performance of job duties.
  • Consult with the Executive Director before asking for favors or information from staff.
  • Keep the Executive Director informed of all activities performed on behalf of CNE.
  • Avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest and disclose any possible conflict to the Board.
  • Avoid accepting any gifts or favors from (or to) anyone in relation with your Fellowship.

Must Do to Engage in Good Practice

  • Follow-up as promised on CNE commitments.
  • Understand CNE’s mission, vision and strategy, and work actively to support it.
  • Know CNE resources, programs, and who staffs them.
  • Always serve the public benefit.
  • Be accountable to the public at large.
  • Meet annually with Director of Philanthropy to identify your role in resource development.
  • Offer names of individuals and organizations you think could be contributors of resources, skills, expertise, knowledge and/or money to the mission.
  • Advise on new research, community developments, or trends you think relevant to CNE.
  • Be a CNE ambassador: Within the community and within your personal circle of activities. When asked what’s new, explain in your own words CNE and why you’re excited to be involved.

Encouraged to Try to deepen your engagement

  • Join CNE staff on at least one philanthropic partner/prospective philanthropic partner cultivation/stewardship activity.
  • Engage several new and/or current and potential community stakeholders in the work of CNE each year.
  • Host an event on behalf of CNE.
  • Share information with and/or advocate for the sector with local government or elected officials.

Extra Credit because that’s how we roll

  • Join CNE staff on at least one CNE member visit.
  • Be a guest panelist, facilitator, or trainer in an area of your expertise that is relevant to the sector.

NOTE: CNE Board Academy Fellows have fiduciary responsibility for the organization as soon as they join, but good practice and active engagement will evolve and develop differently for each fellow throughout his/her fellowship term depending on his/her unique background, experience, availability, and interest. CNE board leadership and the executive director are committed to providing ongoing feedback, support, and encouragement to each board fellow so that he/she can thrive within the governance “learning lab” that is CNE.

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