Note: Calendar is subject to change.

In-Person Full-Day Friday Workshops* Online  Two-Hour Thursday Evening Scenario Sessions** Topics
1/26/2024 Opening Day Introductory Workshop
2/8/2024 Scenario Session A: Interviewing & Onboarding
 2/23/2024 Board Management, Strategy & Evaluation, Collaboration & Community Engagement
3/7/2024 Scenario Sessions B: Strategy & Mergers; Optional Finance Session
 3/22/2024 Financial Oversight & Leadership, Philanthropy & Fundraising
4/11/2024 Scenario Session C:  Financial Considerations; Scenario Session D: Philanthropic Strategy & Culture
 4/26/2024 Board Building, Engagement & Culture, Community Organizing & Advocacy
5/09/2024 Scenario Session E: Board Recruitment & Board Assessment; Scenario Session F: Communication, Advocacy & Community Engagement
 5/24/2024 Closing Day: Change Management & Leadership & Reflection

*In-Person Full-Day Friday Workshops are scheduled 9:00am – 4:00pm with breakfast and lunch provided.

**Online Two-Hour Thursday Evening Scenario Sessions are scheduled 6:00 – 8:00pm, and will take place via Zoom.