Dear CNE Friends,

On behalf of the CNE Board, I would like to express how grateful we are for the immeasurable impact that Cristine Nardi has had, not only on CNE, but on the broader social impact sector.  Cristine took the helm at CNE in 2008, and for over 15 years she has tirelessly invested in CNE’s capacity to support thriving, equitable, and just communities in Virginia.

Under Cristine’s leadership, CNE launched an array of initiatives, including the Board Academy, Leaders of Color Circles, and 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector. She helped grow CNE’s memberships to include over 350 nonprofits and solidified long-term strategic partnerships throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Cristine’s approach enabled CNE to balance a deep investment in Charlottesville-area nonprofits alongside a commitment to impacting the broader social impact sector through nationally known resources and tools.

Aside from these stellar accomplishments, Cristine has brought insightfulness, poise, and a compassionate spirit to the work of CNE. What I have always admired about Cristine is that she embodies a humble approach that centers the work of local communities rather than herself. This humility has shaped CNE in ways that push us and our partners to ground our work in addressing felt needs that have been voiced by community members, and to position ourselves not primarily as service providers, but as mutual learning partners alongside community members and nonprofits. This approach is a part of Cristine’s legacy. Her success over the past 15 years has demonstrated her authentic commitment, not simply to initiatives and programs, but to real people seeking the flourishing of families and communities.

To honor Cristine as a champion of the sector and CNE, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Cristine Nardi Fund at CNE. The Fund will enable CNE to both meet its mission and advance future priorities, particularly in areas that align closely with Cristine’s passion and leadership. Fund dollars will be invested in building a statewide advocacy network to educate and drive resources to the sector, and to equip nonprofits to advocate, thus strengthening the sector’s ability to be a catalyst for equitable, thriving, and just communities.

Cristine will step away from her official role as executive director at the end of the month. We will soon announce and welcome the next executive director of CNE, who will be starting on February 1. In the meantime, please join me in celebrating the impact that she has had by being an early contributor to this fund, knowing that the seeds she planted will bear fruit for years to come.

– Nathan Walton, Board Chair, CNE


Donate to the Cristine Nardi Fund here and leave memories for Cristine by clicking here.