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March 29 event to honor impactful and creative forms of community building in our region

Philanthropy Champions from Charlottesville and surrounding areas will be recognized and celebrated for their impactful giving and diverse forms of community building as part of The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) Philanthropy Day Summit on March 29, 2023, beginning at 9 am at the Wool Factory

The Philanthropy Champions program aims to celebrate, spotlight, and advance diverse forms of philanthropy. This recognition is part of CNE’s ongoing efforts to promote a more expansive and inclusive understanding of philanthropy that recognizes the profound generosity within our communities, not least the giving of underrepresented groups who are seldom recognized in mainstream philanthropy.

This is the first time that CNE is hosting a Philanthropy Champions celebration to honor and spotlight the wide range of philanthropic practices in our community. In doing so we recognize the diverse ways in which people contribute by giving of their time, treasure, talent, ties, and testimony.  CNE initiated this project through a nomination process with guidance from individuals in the community to expand definitions and understandings of philanthropy.

“We are honored to celebrate and promote these champions whose philanthropic giving is so crucial in building and supporting their communities,” said Amel Gorani, CNE Deputy Director – Strategy, Equity, & Impact.  “It is particularly timely for us to host the Philanthropy Champions recognition this year as the theme for the Spring 2023 Philanthropy Day Summit is Reimagining Philanthropy for a Healthier Democracy. At a time when much attention is paid to divisiveness, these individuals are working every day to make connections and strengthen our social fabric.”

The Philanthropy Champions listed below will be recognized at the Spring 2023 Philanthropy Day Summit and will be featured throughout the coming year in more detail.  In addition to a $500 award, each champion will be offered free one-year access to CNE special services and benefits and ongoing customized support to connect the champions to potential resources to support their work. The recognition of the Champions is being made possible by generous financial support from the United Way of Greater Charlottesville and an anonymous donor from the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation.

Rosa Hudson For her role and contributions as a community organizer with the Monticello Area Community Action Agency and as the first Housing Counselor at Piedmont Housing Alliance.
Dolly Joseph, Pat Seay & Kerney Eubanks For their work in providing fresh produce, material support, and community space for the Ridge St neighborhood and beyond.
Rosa Key For fighting food insecurity as a member of Cultivate Charlottesville’s advocate team.
Lois Castle For helping run the clothing closet at her local Catholic church in Stuarts Draft.
Charles Lewis For his work on In My Humble Opinion, a radio program that builds community and has been created with dedication to empowerment.
Omwira Nkere For his support for refugee communities including through volunteer-interpretation and extensive efforts to support refugees in need.
Jaronda Miller-Bryant For her exceptional support of college students, her commitment to health and wellness in the Black community, her contributions to the Black Empowerment Coalition, and for being a general mentor to young Black women.


Charlottesville High School Black Student Union For their advocacy for healthier and financially accessible school lunches, and a community of unity and equity for all identities
Bass Wolf For his allyship and contributions to combating sexual violence, and his role in promoting liberation and social justice.
Rocio Zamora and Jose Luis Hernandez- Sin Barreras’ Driver Privilege Card Team, For their years-long advocacy to extend driving privileges to immigrants that may not have yet qualified for a standard license.
Dr. Max Luna – UVA Latino Health Initiative For founding the Latino Health Initiative at the University of Virginia that has contributed significantly to improve health outcomes within the Latino community.
Zafar Khan For his instrumental role in supporting resettlement and food security for Afghan refugees in Charlottesville.
Beverly Adams For her community service and advocacy for diverse groups throughout the community, through the Black Empowerment Coalition, the Women’s Initiative, the Links, and the Deltas, among other organizations.
Zeba Rizvi For her leading role within the Islamic Center of Central Virginia, her extensive inclusion efforts, and formation of many new programs, including afterschool Islamic education program.
Gloria Beard For her efforts to provide holiday gift bags for senior citizens in Charlottesville, for her community engagement with the City Council and local media, offering her ideas as a long-time resident of the city.