Dear Friends and Colleagues –

At CNE, we strive through our work to build community.

This week our community partner, the University of Virginia, experienced a tragedy which ricocheted across the university and into the community. Ultimately, three university students, Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D’Sean Perry, were killed, two are in the hospital, and one is in custody. This tragedy, combined with the multiple gun violence deaths in the Charlottesville region recently, has unknown and wide-ranging effects on us all.

For some, the accumulation of gun violence deaths that disproportionately impact Black and brown communities triggers trauma. For others, who experienced yet another violence-related school closure, it requires hard conversations with kids about their safety. For many, it evokes a sense of hopelessness, frustration, or even anger. For our University colleagues, and for many community members, there is deep grief, and a need to heal.

We could not be more excited about the Reimagining Philanthropy for a Healthier Democracy program we have put together, the sold-out crowd, and the opportunity to gather to celebrate the power of our collective philanthropy to build communities where everyone can thrive. We are particularly inspired by the Philanthropy Champions we were set to honor and recognize this week, and cannot wait to introduce them to you. The Philanthropy Champions program aims to celebrate, spotlight, and advance diverse forms of philanthropy, including grassroots leaders building community resilience and strength.

But this is not the week. This week, we stand with our neighbors, friends, and community partners who are grappling with tragedy and grief, and with the people and organizations who help us heal.

We are grateful to our sponsors, our main stage speakers, The Wool Factory, and vendors who are partnering with us to create a reimagined Philanthropy Day Summit experience, and are committed to bringing this community celebration of giving to fruition in early 2023. We will be back in touch before the end of the year with an update.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions. You can reach Cristine Nardi, Executive Director, at or 434-531-7494, or Terrel White, Director of Advancement, at or 313-409-3262.

We are stronger together, and look forward, always, to building community with you.

Cristine Nardi,
Executive Director

Terrel White,
Director of Advancement

Visit our Philanthropy Day page for the latest.